1.    Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition and PerformAIR® is NOT a treatment for Sleep Apnea or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  If you have any symptoms of Sleep Apnea, you should consult your physician.
  1.    PerformAIR® Nasal Dilators are NOT recommended for use with CPAP or BiPAP masks which cover the nose and mouth. It may be possible for the dilator to fall out of your nose, trapping the dilator inside the mask, which may create a choking hazard.
  1.    PerformAIR® is not recommended for use in contact sports or in activities in which the nose may be impacted, unless adequate protection of the nose and/or face are provided.
  1.    If PerformAIR® presents any signs of damage or weakness, or appears in any way suspect, do NOT use it. These include but are not limited to: material weakened from manipulation or adjustments, discolored material, loss of resilience or spring-like performance of the material or other signs.  Immediately discard the dilator and replace it with a new one.  Please contact customer service and make us aware of any issues.
  1.    WARNING:  PerformAIR® may be a CHOKING HAZARD for adults, children or pets.  Take care to place the PerformAIR® in the travel / storage case when not in use.
  1.    Reusable | Limitations:  Each PerformAIR® Nasal Dilator is reusable and recommended for up to 10 uses / nights. Each Refill Pack includes three (3) PerformAIR® Nasal Dilators in the size selected by the user (Large, Medium or Small) providing approximately a 30-day / 1-month supply.