It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide an accurate, complete and valid shipping address.

Please review that your name, address, phone and email are accurate - both on your order and in your payment system.  Payment systems will sometimes override the order forms and provide conflicting or outdated address and contact data.  If your third-party app such as PayPal, Amazon or other web sites and/or payment apps provide incorrect data – this remains your responsibility.

If an incorrect shipping address is provided by the buyer and/or by any third-party app the buyer uses to facilitate the order and/or payment, then the buyer is responsible for any additional shipping costs, lost packages, or packages delivered to the shipping address provided.

If the USPS or other shipping service incorrectly routes shipments or does not delivery to a properly submitted and accurate shipping address of the buyer, as confirmed by USPS and/or other shipper’s GPS tracking and delivery data, then PerformAIR® will replace these shipments at no cost to the buyer once we are notified of such a condition.

Standard PerformAIR® shipments are issued via USPS First-Class Mail with GPS Tracking. PerformAIR® will make best efforts to confirm the validity of the shipping address using software and other means.

If any shipping address data appears to be missing or incorrect, PerformAIR® will make best efforts to contact buyer for confirmation and/or corrections. Multiple unanswered contact or forbidden contact as selected by buyer will result in a hold on the order until customer contacts PerformAIR®. Regardless, the buyer is responsible for providing a correct shipping address.

Please be sure to post all required address data including, but not limited to: Your order must have a valid, FIRST AND LAST name for delivery.  If accurate first and last name is not provided – buyer shall be responsible for any lost packages or undeliverable packages.

    •   Company Name (if sent to a business address)
    •   Street Address and/or PO Box
    •   Suite Number, or Unit Number, or Box Number
    •   City
    •   State
    •   Zip Code

      •   Country (if outside USA)  - All non-domestic US shipments must use International Ship Rates provided on our Check Out page on our website
      •   Any other data required for International addresses / delivery of product.

    Your shipping address must have your name as a valid name registered with the USPS to receive mail at the shipping address you use for delivery.

    For example: If you attempt to send the product in your name to anyone else's address, you must include "C/O"  the person's name that is registered to receive mail at that address with the USPS" or the USPS will not make the delivery.