• A full 25 percent of your blood is in your brain at any one time.
  • Oxygen in your blood feeds the brain and your nerve cells.
  • Oxygen to your brain is critical in keeping your mind focused.


70% of the air to your lungs moves through your nose


PerformAIR can open your nasal airways up to 45% or more


If you can move more air to your lungs and your brain…you can improve mental clarity.




When your mind is clear, you are:

  • Ready
  • Alert
  • Sharp
  • Aware of your surroundings

You can perform better


When your mind is NOT clear, you can feel:

  • Anxious
  • Distracted
  • Struggling to concentrate
  • Confused with loss of memory

You have what some call BRAIN FOG


Two of the most critical things you can do for mental clarity are:

  1. Oxygenate Your Brain
  2. Sleep Well


    PerformAIR can help by improving airflow through the nose which is critical for:

    • Mental Sharpness
    • Aiding in relaxation
    • Restful sleep
    • Deep relaxing breathing


    PerformAIR can dramatically open your nasal airways and allow more oxygen into your lungs to feed your blood, your brain, your muscles and relax your body.





    What does everyone tell you to do when you are stressed?

    “Take slow deep breaths – in through the nose – out through the mouth.”


    70% of the air to your lungs moves through your nose


    PerformAIR can open your nasal airways up to 45% or more


    Relax – Breathe Better | Sleep Better | Perform Better


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    When you can take deep relaxing breaths into your lungs through your nose:

    • Muscle tension decreases
    • Heart rate slows
    • Blood pressure decreases
    • Stress hormone levels drop


    Anxious, stressed people are shallow breathers.


    Some people practice the “4-6-8” breathing method:

    Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4 seconds

    Hold your breath for 6 seconds

    Breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds


    Feel your body relax.


    PerformAIR can dramatically improve the airflow through your nose

    Less airflow resistance = more airflow and more oxygen



    Starter Pack: Includes one (1) of EACH size: Large, Medium, and Small

    The Starter Pack is designed to allow new users to determine which PerformAIR® Nasal Dilator size best fits the size and shape of their unique nose.






    PerformAIR is an all natural / drug free way to improve your breathing by opening your nasal airways up to 45% or more, which can provide you with relaxed deeper breathing, less stress and anxiety, and more restful sleep waking with greater mental clarity.


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