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PerformAIR® is a simple, highly effective, nasal dilator that fits comfortably in your nose.


PerformAIR opens nasal airways up to 45% or more.

PerformAIR can provide relief from nasal congestion or other restrictions such as congestion from colds, flu, allergies, sinus issues, and other medical / structural issues. 





Increasing the volume of your nasal airways can allow you to:

  • Improve Oxygen Flow 
  • Improve Restful Sleep
  • Reduce or Eliminate Snoring
  • Improve Mental Clarity 
  • Improve Athletic Performance 



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PerformAIR Can Open Then Nasal Airways Up To 45% Or More. 


70% of the air to your lungs moves through your nose.

If you can move more air to your lungs and your brain…you can improve mental clarity.


PerformAIR® uses wide, ergonomic and gently curved structure that is shaped to surround and remain clear of your nasal airways.  

The PADS and ARMS (shown in image) apply gentle (adjustable) outward pressure to the outer walls of the nose expanding your airways by up to 45% or more.

PerformAIR® is made from a hygienic, durable medical-grade resin with memory.  This means it has a "spring-like" quality. 

 If you widen the pads (pull them apart) they provide more outward pressure in your nose.  PerformAIR® will return to your set point based on the "memory" of your setting and it will apply more or less opening pressure to your nasal airways based on your adjustments. 

This gentle outward pressure is what holds the airways open and provides retention of the PerformAIR® once it is in place.




PerformAIR® is highly configurable and provides extensive adjustment of the pads, arms, legs and even the main structure can be rotated to match the shape of your nose as shown in the images above.

PerformAIR® is available in three (3) sizes and is highly adjustable for optimum performance, comfort, fit and retention.

PerformAIR® is reusable and it works.