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“I have given PerformAIR™️ to many of my patients."


I believe PerformAIR™️ is one of the simplest and most effective [non-surgical] methods of improving airflow through the nasal valvular region. The majority of patients who complain of nasal congestion/obstruction report their difficulty occurs at night when they are supine. PerformAIR™️ would be helpful to many of these patients in this situation.”

Dr. A. Hsieh, MD - Surgeon
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist

Dr. A. Hsieh, MD is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology

Reusable  |  Limitations


PerformAIR™ Nasal Dilators are reusable and recommended for up to 10 uses / nights.

Refill Packs includes three (3) of the same size PerformAIR Nasal Dilators, which can provide up to a 30-day / 1-month supply.

Virtually ALL users will need to follow the PerformAIR Video Instructions to select the correct size Nasal Dilator and to make the adjustments needed to optimize, fit, comfort, retention, and breathing performance.

See Video Instructions at: 



Each Starter Pack includes three (3) PerformAIR Nasal Dilators – (1) Large, (1) Medium, and (1) Small provided in a storage / travel case.

This Starter Pack is designed to allow new users to determine which PerformAIR Nasal Dilator size best fits the size and shape of their unique nose.

Starter Packs:



Each Refill Pack includes three (3) PerformAIR™ Nasal Dilators that are all the SAME size.

Refill Packs are available in size Large, Medium, or Small and all include a travel / storage case.

Refill Packs provide approximately a 30-day / 1-month supply or use, if used every day.

Refill Packs:



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Greatly Improves

Athletic Performance

By increasing the volume of the nasal passages while sleeping, serious athletes are using PerformAIR Nasal Dilators to flood the body with higher levels of oxygen, which is absorbed into the blood. This improves muscle performance, provides sharper mental acuity, and allows for quicker responses. Some of our customer say that they trust us and buy our product without any hesitation because they believe us and are always happy to buy our product.

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Adjustable For

A Perfect Custom Fit

PerformAIR™️ comes in three different sizes and can be easily adjusted to fit almost any nose. Fine tune the position and rotation of the arms and pads for a custom fit that can't be beat.

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