A subscription for PerformAIR® is a Recurring Order that will result in a 41% SAVINGS from the standard pricing.


$19.95 + $7.95 shipping = $27.90


$16.46 + FREE shipping = $16.46 ( 41% SAVINGS )

Select your size Refill Pack: Large, Medium, or Small

Select "Subscribe and save!".

Other one-time promotional discounts may also be applied to your order. PerformAIR® will auto-ship you a Refill order tagged as a subscription order every 3-weeks (approximately every 21 calendar days) thereafter, unless modified or canceled.


You can MANAGE the terms of your subscription, order frequency and other account details by creating a PerformAIR® Account by selecting Create Account (top right of Main Menu):

PerformAIR® Subscription Management


A PerformAIR® Refill Pack is shipped every 21-days (unless order frequency is modified) and includes: One (1) PerformAIR in the size selected, (1) Storage | Travel Case & instructions.

One Refill Pack provides approximately a 21-day supply.

Reusable | Limitations

If you select the Subscription / Recurring Order Option, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You authorize your credit card to be charged monthly for your discounted subscription order with FREE SHIPPING (1st Class USPS in USA).

  • If you cancel the subscription before the initial subscription product ships (approx. 21 days after your initial order) then you authorize your credit card to be charged the difference between the subscription price and the normal discounted price for the initial order, if applicable.

  • You must maintain a usable charge card for billing purposes to maintain the continuation of your subscription, any renewal of the credit card on file or amendments in card number, expiration date or security code will not change your authorization to charge the card for on-going subscriptions until you modify or cancel the subscription.

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or need any additional assistance: