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PerformAIR™ nasal dilators are re-usable and recommended for up to 10 uses / nights.

ReFill Packs come with three (3) of the same size PerformAIR Nasal Dilators which can provide up to a one month supply.

Virtually ALL user’s will need to follow thePerformAIR video instructions to select the correct size and make the adjustments needed to optimize, fit, comfort, retention abd breathing performance.

See video Instructions at:



Each Starter Pack includes three (3) PerformAIR Nasal Dilators – (1) Large, (1) Medium and (1) Small provided in a storage / travel case.

This Starter Pack is designed to allow new user’s to determine which PerformAIR Nasal Dilator size best fits the size and shape of their unique nose.

Starter Packs:



Each Refill Pack includes three (3) PerformAIR™ nasal dilators that are all the SAME size.

ReFill Packs are available in Large, Medium or Small and all include a travel / storage case.

ReFill Packs provide approximately a 30-day / 1 month supply or use, if used every day.

ReFill Packs:



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