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PerformAIR improves nasal airflow and breathing, is customizable for optimized fit and performance, offers a drug free, non-allergenic and reusable alternative to drugs, medications, and daily use wasteful disposable nasal strips.


The “Sniffle Test” is when you take a strong and rapid inhale through your nose – just like when you have the sniffles. 

The nasal airways typically collapse during a sniffle (Bernoulli Principle) dramatically reducing or blocking your airflow.  Sniffle now and you will see the result.

If PerformAIR is in place, the airway will not collapse, and you will experience a rush of airflow into the nasal airways and into your lungs.

PerformAIR is the ONLY nasal dilator we tested that does not allow the collapse of the nasal airways when you sniffle. 

If the nasal dilator you have now allows your nose to collapse during the “Sniffle Test” – try PerformAIR.   PerformAIR works! 



Improve nasal airflow, reduces nasal congestion and maintains clear nasal airways

PerformAIR opens nasal airways up to 45% or more.

PerformAIR can provide relief from nasal congestion or other restrictions such as congestion from colds, flu, allergies, sinus issues, and other medical / structural issues. 

PerformAIR uses a gentle spring-like action that mechanically opens and enlarges your nasal passages from the inside and maintains clear and open nasal airways to move air and clear congestion.

PerformAIR can also be used with many of the cold, flu, congestion and allergy relief remedies to supplement breathing performance.


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70% of the air to your lungs moves through your nasal airways – if they are congested or blocked in any way this can reduce the airflow to your lungs, blood stream and brain.


PerformAIR opens these critical nasal airways and provides oxygen to your body, blood stream and brain making you feel more alert, ready for activity and reducing the stress created from an oxygen starved body. 


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