Breathe Better | Sleep Better | Perform Better ™


  • Recommended by Top Medical Professionals
  • Reduce or Eliminate Snoring
  • Improve Deep Breathing & Relaxation
  • Improve Oxygen Flow
  • Improve Restful Sleep
  • Lower Anxiety | Improved Mental Clarity
  • Drug Free | Non-Surgical Alternative
  • Reusable | Customizable Fit
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Assist with Deviated Septum


Turbulent airflow causes vibration of the lining of the airways in the nose and throat – this vibration creates noise which is called snoring

  • In the US, about 37 million people are habitual snorers
  • Turbulent air flow is the root cause of snoring
  • Nasal breathing delivers approximately 70% of airflow to the lungs
  • Nasal breathing allows mouth breathers to close their mouth
  • Closing your mouth while sleeping reduces or eliminates snoring
  • PerformAIR can increase airflow up to 45% or more


Sleep Soundly

PerformAIR’s ergonomic form is NOT placed IN the nasal airway but wraps around the nasal airway and it enlarges the volume of the airway creating smooth laminar airflow which can reduce or eliminate snoring, allowing people (and their partners) to sleep more soundly.


Fall Asleep Faster

Deep nasal breathing provides greater oxygen saturation of the blood and reduces anxiety and stress, which is the #1 cause of poor sleep – allowing users to fall asleep faster, naturally.

PerformAIR uses an adjustable outward spring-like opening pressure to open the nasal airways up to 45% or more.



Wake Refreshed

  • PerformAIR improves nasal breathing and oxygen flow, allowing users to get deep restful sleep, wake fresh and alert.
  • Sleeping with PerformAIR means no next day grogginess.
  • Non-Habit Forming.

PerformAIR is natural, drug-free, non-allergenic, and non-habit forming.


PerformAIR Works

By solving nasal airway restrictions or blockage and enhancing nasal airflow up to 45% or more, PerformAIR can reduce or eliminate mouth breathing.

Reducing or eliminating mouth breathing in turn reduces or eliminates accelerated turbulent airflow, the root cause of snoring and poor breathing performance.