Custom Fit  -  Additional Adjustment

For Performance, Fit, Comfort & Retention

Proper sizing and fitting is important to optimize performance and ensure retention during sleep or athletic performance.

 See "Sizing" for determining proper size.

 See "Custom Fit - Nostrils" to tune configuration for your nose.


In addition to sizing and nostril adjustments, there are many shape and form adjustments that can be made to each size of the PerformAIR™ to optimize performance, fit, comfort and retention.

  •    Rotate nasal pads for uniform pressure on outer wall of nose
                     Front of Pad - In or Out


                                TOP VIEW


    •     Rotate nasal pads to match slope of nose
                          Top of Pads - In or Out


                                FRONT VIEW 


    •    Rotate front of Pads up or down to optimize opening of airway


                                     SIDE VIEW  


      •     MORE AIR  - Pull PADS & ARMS OUT  - (further apart)


                                        TOP VIEW


      •     LESS OUTWARD PRESSURE - Pull PADS & ARMS IN (closer)


                                         TOP VIEW




      Adjusted PerformAIR optimized for performance, fit, comfort and retention

                            FRONT VIEW